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The Activism Always Team

From a student initiative to a data startup, our team has diverse skillsets and to support your needs.

Our founding team is passionate about data: the ways it can be used, the implications of having that information, and the impact it can have on the world we live in.

With a diverse skill-set that ranges from business, data science, consulting, communications, and research, we have both the experience and drive to support mission driven organizations' social engagement data strategy.

Learn about the core Activism Always Team and our Student Contributors!


Mikayla O'Reggio

Chief Executive Officer

Pronouns she/her/hers. Mikayla is from Los Angeles, CA and is a UC Berkeley senior studying Environmental Economics with a Human Rights minor. After Berkeley, Mikayla hopes to merge her passions for business and social impact by working with nonprofits to create data-focused business strategies for a wide range of social causes. In her spare time, Mikayla enjoys dance, food photography, spending time with loved ones (virtually!), and volunteering.

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Hoa Nguyen

Chief Informations Officer

Pronouns she/her/hers. Hoa Nguyen is from Binh Dinh, Vietnam. Hoa holds a Master of Science in Business Analytics from San Francisco State University. In order to maximize social impact, she works on exploiting data insights to help non-profit organization to make data driven decisions, create actionable recommendations, assist the implementation process and ensure evaluation results. In her free time, Hoa enjoys cooking and volunteering to promote local businesses with are founded by women in the minority community.

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Jin Pu

Chief Analytics Officer

Pronouns she/her/hersJin is from Chongqing, China. Jin is a Master's student from Columbia University majoring in Business Analytics. She is thrilled about applying data science/analytics into business practice as well as nonprofits to make a difference. With experience in consulting, data science and nonprofits, Jin is especially an expert in social media analysis and natural language processing. In her spare time, she is an amateur at yoga and dancing!

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Chelsie Lui

Chief Research Officer

Pronouns she/her/hers. Chelsie is from San Francisco, CA and is currently a senior Communication Studies major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a focus in Science and Risk Communications. Chelsie is interested in ethical and accessible science communication strategy, especially around emerging technologies. In her free time, she likes playing tabletop games, cooking, and doing a bit of gardening.

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Nancy Xu

UCB DS Discovery, Spring 2021
UCB DS Discovery, Spring 2021

Olivia Zhang

Marketing Intern, Spring 2021

Vivien Santa

Student Contributors

UCB DS Discovery, Spring 2021

Tom Hsu

Harrison deBoer

UCB DS Discovery, Spring 2021