The Social Media Strategy Clinic

Low-cost, 1-month clinic for small businesses and mission-driven organizations

What is the SMS Clinic?

The SMS Clinic is a 1-month social media strategy program. The Activism Always Team provides low-cost social media engagement consulting to nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations.


Our team is flexible to the stage of data and social media integration of your organization: whether you have yet to begin using social media or want a boost to your existing strategy, we are interested in supporting your impact!

Our main specialities in this program are:

  • Impact Analysis & Measurement 

  • Social Media Engagement Strategy 

  • Communications Outreach & Marketing Strategy


This is completed through tasks/projects, such as:

  • Creating simple social media data analytic reports

  • Developing engagement analytic strategies

  • Assisting with early social media integration

  • Introductory social media strategy workshops

Enrollment in the program is $1000 with services available throughout the enrollment period (discount for group rate). Pricing adjustable based on scope of project and tasks.

Clinic Services

  • Main deliverable

    • Each client will receive up to one main deliverable

    • Smaller tasks can be done in tandem

  • Office hours

    • Up to 2 hours per week of asynchronous engagement via our community Slack​
  • Transparent updates on project

    • Midpoint and Final Reporting

Note: Our clinic does not do the following project/tasks:

  • Directly run your organization’s social media platform (ex. Posting, queuing posts)  

  • Implement or host a social media or live event

  • We reserve the right to fully negotiate scope of project/tasks prior to the program start

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