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Learn about the Activism Always Advantage!

Product Advantage

The Activism Always Social Media Listening Product provides a simple way to better engage with your mission-driven organization’s audience on social media.


The Activism Always Social Media Listening Product allows users access to an easy-to-use web application. Our product guides mission-driven organizations through recommendations on how to improve their social media engagement through a series of recommendations based on their topic of interest: trending posts, trending hashtags, influential accounts, top emojis, and more!


Our product quickly pulls the trending hashtags and keywords relevant to your area of impact to incorporate into your social media strategy. Using these hashtags and keywords allows your existing audience to find the topics they care about and helps potential donors, volunteers, and customers learn more about your organization and brand.

Our customized reports feature both quantitative data analysis and also actionable recommendations. No data experience is necessary to understand the strategy.

Who is it for?

Our product helps nonprofits, mission-driven organizations, small businesses, and startups better connect with their audiences over social media - no technical experience required.

Our product helps small organizations and teams to maximize their impact with the least amount of time and effort.

How does it work?

Our affordable product follows 3 general steps:

1. Topic Selection

Our focus is on social engagement data, particularly Twitter data. You begin by inputing your topic of interest into the web application, and our product collects the Twitter information for you about this topic.

2. Automated Data Analysis

The product then automatically processes the Twitter data. It then provides outputs that cover trending posts, trending hashtags, influential accounts, top emojis, and more.

3. Actionable Insights

Actionable recommendations are provided with step-by-step details on how to implement those topic specific insights into your social media - all to maximize your organization's reach and audience engagement.