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The Product

Learn about the Activism Always Advantage!

The Activism Always Advantage

We apply our diverse skill-sets in data science and literary research to create a product made for the social impact sector.

Our customized reports feature both quantitative data analysis, but also actionable recommendations. No data experience is necessary to understand the strategy - we work with you to develop a plan that fits your organization's goals and mission.

Currently, Activism Always offers services (both traditional projects and low-cost services through the SMS Clinic). We are working to develop a simple web application to automate and make more accessible these services.

How does it work?

Our services are highly flexible based on your organization's budget, project wants, and timeline.

Our service focuses on 3 general steps:

Pre-Project: Introduction and Project Outline

Before starting the project, our team likes to first get to know our client - your data interests, organizational practices, and potential scope of project. Schedule a free introductory consultation today.

1. Social Engagement Data Collection

Our team starts by collecting the existing data your organization has on hand OR help your organization begin collecting your data. Our focus is on social engagement data, particularly social media data.

2. Data Analysis

We will process the data for Trending Hashtags, Geographic Distribution, User Segmentation/Influencer Identification, and Sentiment Analysis (beta). Services are self-select based on the agreed project proposal.

3. Customized Deliverable

The Activism Always Team packages the insights into a customized recommendation (based on your request); common formats include: PDF report, presentation deck, dashboard.

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