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A (Mini!) Social Media Strategy Guide for Earth Day 2021 🌎

Happy Spring! All of us at Activism Always wish you a great start to your month and to the Spring season. As the weather gets warmer and you (safely!) take some time to re-explore the outdoors, find a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature ― and the urgency of addressing the ongoing climate crisis.

It's larger than any one of us can take on, but there are small, powerful ways for us to take a stand towards protecting our planet. 🌎 See below for top hashtags, keywords, influencers, and emojis to boost your message for Earth Day, TOMORROW April 22nd!

Social Media Strategy (Mini!) Guide

Get pumped, and share how you're going to make an impact this Earth Day! Activism Always’s team was able to extract 380k Tweets from Earth Day 2020 to reflect on what worked last year!


The top 3 hashtags last year were #earthday, #earthday2020, and #earthday!.

From the top 15 hashtags, the most popular by far was #earthday, which was present in nearly 40% of the extracted tweets. USE THE HASHTAG #earthday to promote your Tweet this Earth Day 2021! Tag @ActivismAlways, and we might just share your post!

Eight of 15 hashtags had the phrase “earthday” in it!! Other popular hashtags brought to attention #nature, #climateaction, and #environment.


The most popular keyword found in the extracted Tweets were “earth,” “day,” and “happy.” From there, we can hypothesize that the phrase “Happy Earth Day” was probably a common trend in posts made on Earth Day. USE THE KEYWORDS “HAPPY EARTH DAY” in your Tweet this Earth Day 2021!

Other topics mentioned in Tweets last Earth Day involved the “world,” the “planet,” “nature,” and “climate.” These are topics to reflect on and discuss in your posts this year!


The top user mentioned last year was @EarthDayNetwork! EARTHDAY.ORG is an environmental conservation organization that can currently be found on Twitter as @EarthDay and Instagram as @earthdaynetwork. TAG THEM IN YOUR POSTS TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION. They organize amazing events for Earth Day, but also do conservation and education work throughout the year. Explore their work further on their website!


As you might expect, the globe emoji is a popular favorite during Earth Day 🌎! Other favorites are hearts and nature related emojis. USE OUR LIST OF TOP EMOJIS TO DECORATE YOUR POST!

Get Connected

As part of this annual event, learn about the large organizing efforts of groups like EARTHDAY.ORG and NASA this Earth Day 2021 and the ongoing social media campaigns they have related to environmental justice!

And while you’re reading, posting, and absorbing all the information from the Earth Day celebrations, don’t forget to read up on some context around the fight for climate action and conservation! Below are a few selected resources that can get you started:

Earth Day 1970 - 2020: 50th Anniversary || Time Will Tell (American Museum of Natural History) https://youtu.be/XBrnnByieL4

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis (Guardian News) https://youtu.be/0Puv0Pss33M

The Green New Deal, Explained (Vox) https://youtu.be/GxIDJWCbk6I

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