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Learn about the role data strategy can have on your impact

Activism Always’s analytic services produces data strategy recommendations to support the social media engagement of mission driven organizations. This sector understands the value of data in operations, but the majority of organizations lack resources to perform data analytics.


Activism Always’s hybrid service combines an internal AI platform with strategy analytics, maximizing organizations' data capabilities and impact with an accessible price and format.

Our Mission

Supporting and Promoting Activism

Activism Always provides data-driven insights with consideration to current and past discussions around the social issue and mission that our client wishes to target― with an overarching goal to support and promote ongoing activist efforts.

Data for Social Good

We make data easy so you can maximize your organization's efforts towards making social impact. Our flexible data collection and analysis capabilities culminate into an actionable deliverable for your organization. Our methodology centers collaboration with our clients to find the most useful strategy for you.

Nonprofits and Data

The ubiquity of data hides its nuances and the powerful insights that it holds. However, the influx of “data-driven” options can be intimidating, confusing, and unhelpful to non-data experts. 


From a report by Everyaction and NonprofitHub, there is a severe lack of data usage and literacy within the social impact sector:

  • 90% of surveyed nonprofits collect data in some capacity

  • 50% do not know how it can support their organization’s work

  • 31% do not know what to do with the data they gather at all

  • 79% of surveyed nonprofits state they do not have the resources (time or personnel) to focus on understanding their data

  • And as a result, only 5% of nonprofits report incorporating data into their decision making.


However, this lack of data in the social impact sector is not unfounded. These organizations serve communities on lean budgets and a fast-paced schedule. And while there are active interventions and campaigning to drive data-driven work into the sector, the path to adoption can be a difficult, and frankly, unrewarding task. Additionally, a simultaneous history of data and algorithmic abuses have led to mistrust in the data ecosystem, both on an individual level and in terms of ethical organizational practice (Bopp et al, 2017; Steedman et al., 2020). 

Activism Always provides a service that focuses on data democratization, the process of making data as accessible as possible, and improving understanding of data (Malick, 2019). This guiding value to Activism Always’s work is focused on the goal of empowering communities via data services, creating materials that allow for non-data experts to participate in data-driven work.